Sunday, February 5, 2012

The bathroom BEFORE

I am hesitantly posting these photos with hopes of having the AFTER photos posted SOON.
as in "before i lose my ever loving MIND" soon.
because really...we have been living with this for months...

i'm not kidding.
all 5 of us get ready each day in our little 3/4 bath downstairs.
i'm ready to have my own again.
our bathroom is going to have a clawfoot tub.
we found it on craigslist.
um yeah...can you say fixer upper??

i can't wait to show you the AFTER pics of it!! so fun!!

but i really shouldn't complain too much.
because even though we have been under construction for months, we have always had this...
she's staying right there, so that's been nice.
luxurious even in the middle of the night.

i am hopeful that it won't be long until you get to see the AFTER.
i'm praying.

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