Wednesday, February 8, 2012

so much

there is SO much going on around here!
we are still mid-bathroom remodel.
i see a light at this very long tunnel, though.

paul and i have been texting back and forth. we need to get away with the kids. fun family weekend. we are fortunate enough to know an incredibly generous family who lets us use their house every fall for our annual apple-picking trip. they have been trying to convince to go up there during the winter season for the past couple of years. they offered it up again this year and we decided to take them up on the offer. we leave friday right after school. just staying for the weekend.
there is a hot tub.
and last we knew there was snow. which i could use a little dose of. so as of 4 pm friday WE ARE OUT OF HERE.
i'm excited.
we have all the winter gear packed up. we are bringing sleds. and snow pants. and hot cocoa and peppermint schnaaps and swimming suits. it will be a glorious 36 hours, i'm sure.

and then we have bachelor/bachelorette parties in minneapolis next weekend. looking forward to another fun weekend.
i will be spending the end of february preparing for parent/teacher conferences because I AM GOING TO MEXICO come march 1. we get home the night before conferences. the LOVELY miss leah is getting married there and i have the pleasure and honor standing up with her. could not be more excited!!!!! paul and i will both be going. it will be the quickest trip to mexico ever. but i promise to pack it FULL of fun. :)
when we return we have 3 days until a 10 day spring break. wow. time is flying.

so lots going on. all good. all exciting.

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Candi said...

Sounds like a blast! You wrote "as of 4:00 Saturday.... but think you meant FRIDAY!! Oh well... we get it! : ) Have a ball!!!