Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spent the day canning...

we had lots-o-veggies waiting for us when we returned home.
paul was anxious to get them canned, so guess what we did today...

we really hadn't planned on it.
we had NO IDEA what we were doing.
paul started boiling the beets while i ran to the store to get all kinds of crazy things for canning.

i had gotten all our jars from a friend whose mom was done using hers.
i got our canning pot from another friend.
and i had bought Tattler Reusable Canning Lids a while back.
so we were ready to go.
we started at 10:00am.

we canned beets and onions, black bean and corn salsa and banana peppers.
it doens't sound like much.
but it took us 7 hours.
i'm not even kidding.

and that doesn't include the clean-up.
but it was totally fun.
we drank mike's hard lemonade and worked in the kitchen all day.
the kids helped off and on.
and we ended up with this...

(minus our two big quarts of banana peppers).
we are so proud of ourselves! :)
hoping to can LOTS of tomatoes next week.
they are started to turn red.

oh...and with leftover tomatoes we made brushetta.
and with leftover jalepenos we made jalepeno poppers.
plus cucumbers and bell peppers in dip for supper.
good, productive day. :)

now i go back to work tomorrow.
all day training and then i'm back full-time thursday.
here's to a good week...
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Candi said...

YUMMY... great job! We had poppers from your garden TOO last night!! : )