Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Adventure Project

While we were up on the mountain, The Adventure Project launched it's latest campaign.
It has to do with HEALTH in Uganda.
As always, I am blown away by the co-founders of this organization.
They are amazing.
They have been working hard to get this campaign launched and it is incredible.
Watch this to learn a little more about it...

Uganda's poor recount how Living Goods has changed their lives and improved their health. from Living Goods on Vimeo.

There are a couple ways you can help support this effort.
1. BUY a bag - $42. Each tote sponsors one medical bag for a healthcare promoter in Uganda.
2. INVEST in a female health promoter - Each woman cares for 700 people in her community. Any amount would benefit Living Goods.
3. JOIN Jody - This is huge. You can read Jody's story HERE. Of all The Adventure Project's campaigns, this one has been the most personal for Jody. She has decided she wants to raise $1 for every mother in Africa last year who died during childbirth. That is $170,000. HUGE goal. But I believe she can do it. Will you consider helping out? Many are donating directly to her page in honor of each child they birthed, or each hour they were in labor. Go check it out and follow along at the bottom. You can even create your own fundraising page if you choose.

I just have to reiterate how much I believe in The Adventure Project. In the women running it. In their way of viewing "GIVING". It's not charity. It is empowerment. It is CHANGE. I love it. I believe it. And I hope you seriously consider joining us!

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