Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rockies v Phillies

we made it down the mountain.
dropped off some things at my aunt and uncle's house, EVERYONE showered in 20 minutes flat.
quickly out the door to make it to the 1:10 Rockies game.
this was a big deal.
it was our first MLB game with the entire family.
lani and ayla's first ever.
we were nervous.
and if you had spent any time with ayla over the past couple weeks, you would have been too.
she has been in RARE form.
but it was a success!!
SO SO SO fun!
we made it through the entire game.
not one complaint.

and we drove directly from coors field to ft collins.
quick supper and swimming.
kids are SOUND asleep.
we are in REAL BEDS.
we are CLEAN.
it feels good.
it has been an excellent combo of nature and camping and city and comfort.
tomorrow we tour New Belgium Brewery at 4:30.
that's our only plan.
other than convincing our children that CSU is the perfect college for all of them to attend. :)
and now i'm going to sleep.
in a bed.
with air conditioning.
and clean pj's.
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