Sunday, June 9, 2013

School's out for summer...

So I am going to let my iphone pics guide my blog today. they truly are the story of my life. :)
mother's day at my sister's on her screened in porch.
surrounded by my heart...
 GRIT: “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.”
I want to have grit.
I want to be GRITTY.
I tend to sprint, working on marathon mentality. 
 Oh Ayla.
She is something.
If you follow me on FB or Twitter, you probably read nearly daily of our adventures with Ayla.
She keeps us young...or maybe gives us gray hairs. Either way, life would be boring without her.
We spent a weekend in Storm Lake recently celebrating Haidyn's first birthday.
Ayla has maternal instincts like no other.
Love that...
 We are mid baseball season.
And if nothing else, these boys know how to have fun.
Brigg will be 12 in July.
This pic is the epitome of 11 and 12 year old happiness.
 Thank God my kids are perfect.
No sibling rivalry around here.
(seriously...this is SUPPOSED to be my inspiration board. so much for that...)
 Ayla and I have been spending a lot of time in lawn chairs. Or in bleachers.
I love it a little tiny bit more than Ayla. :)
And actually I love it a whole hell of a lot more WITHOUT Ayla. 
But once in a while we find our happy place together....
(This was my last day as a blond. It was a fun ride. :) But high maintenance. I needed a break!)
 Thank you hair gods for a cosmetologist for a sister.
What would I do without her...
 The last week of school was busy. I had to be gone one afternoon and upon my return I found that Ms. Kathy had asked the kids to write 5 things they learned from me or loved about me. 
Literally cried.
This is why I teach.
And seriously...#4?!?!
Love them...
And this one is from my student who choked on a piece of candy the first half of the school year and I had to do the Heimlich on her. 
For real.
We both thought she was going to die.
One of the scariest moments of my life.
 And Brigg graduated from 5th grade.
It's a big deal.
Next year he will go to middle school.
He received the presidential academic award.
So dang proud of him. 
He is going to kick middle school's butt, no doubt.
 We had field day one of the last days of school.
I love that last week of school.
We get to just love on the kids. Remind them of how much they mean to us. Let them know how much they will be missed.
Especially in 5th grade. They will be leaving the building and moving on to a new part of their journey. What an honor to be a part of making them feel loved and important and missed.

As teachers I think we would all agree that the last day of the school is bittersweet.
And this year it was especially so.
Because this will be my last year teaching in the same building with this amazing group of individuals.
Next year I will be switching positions and moving UP to middle school.
I will be teaching Project Lead the Way to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
At the same middle school as Brigg!
It is super exciting and an incredible opportunity.
The program is in it's first year at the middle school level so I will have a chance to help build this program up. Beyond thankful for the opportunity and SO incredibly excited.
But really.
These people.
 Took the big kids on a 15 mile bike ride the other day.
I think they thought it was for fun.
They didn't realize I was in it to burn some calories. 
I left them in my dust a couple times.
 So Paul had one of the biggest days of his life recently.
If you have know us for any time at all, you know that we have dreamed about owning a Harley.
So it was a dream come true for Paul to be able to get a custom Harley last week.
He designed it.
Selected his own pain colors.
All of it.
And the day we picked it up, I'm pretty sure there was a tear or 2 in his eye. :)

 and could I possibly love this photo anymore? 
The motorcycle with the chubby little Ayla foot on it?
Killing me.

 I was cleaning out my room and came across this.
It was given to me my first day of teaching by an experienced teacher whom I have so much respect for.
And it holds true...
 and after consuming yourself for 180 days, it is necessary to consume some other things as well...
 The first official week of spring break included a trip to Niabi Zoo.
With a couple friends.
Happiness ALL AROUND.
 Oh...I started crossfit.
And I love it.
But is seriously kicks my ass.
Bruises to prove it.
I LOVE it.
 Brigg had pink eye.
Not fun.
Or attractive.
To have green oozing from your eye ball and when it's swollen shut.
 It's finally been warm enough for the kids to swim.
While they swim, I can be found doing this...
 No words.
Oh Ayla...
And no matter what we do, Willow is never far.
She really wanted to play memory.
We are off to a good start this summer.
Lots going on.
We have Brigg's birthday and Camp Cassie and
I will be spending 2 WEEKS in Ames getting certified to teach Project Lead the Way.
Like I's a big deal.
Go big or go home.
Big things happening this year.
All kinds of butterflies thinking about what's to come.
In a good way of course.
I'm ready.
Here's to #summerbreak2013


Jennie Peakin said...

I love all of the pics...the one of us in my bathroom cracks me up because you're squatting down to fit into the mirror. LOL. Hilarious!

Candi said...

Ya... GREAT to actually follow you some in your life once again... not only by your blog but in person!!! Let the summer continue!! Woohoo!! :)