Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Well hello blogosphere!

I feel like if I could see you all in real life, there would be hugs and tears all around!!  FOR REAL! I miss you guys! Are you even out there anymore? Do you miss me?? I hope so!

I'm just going to hop right back in. No reason I was absent really...busy. But blah blah blah. You have heard it all before. And I still stay caught up on all YOUR blogs, so I feel like I haven't missed a thing! ;)

So Brigg had a baseball game on Monday night. And for those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or those who know me in real life, you know that is my sweet spot. Sunshine, baseball, cheering (the only thing missing at these little league games are a cold beer in my hand...but I digress). I was sitting there watching him over the fence and was just suddenly overcome. Like I almost started crying.  For real. And I don't cry much really. So I wondered what the hell was WRONG with me??? Why would I cry for heaven's sake? GEEZ. But I just looked at him and seriously people...he is almost a teenager. In July he will be as close to a teenager and her can be without actually BEING one. And he still loves me. It's a miracle.

I'm not going to lie. I was a pain the ass teenager. Actually, I was a pain the ass TWEEN. (go ahead can back me up on this one. i know. i won't be offended). And Brigg...well...he is me. I GET him in a different way. I get his humor and his antsy demeanor and his energy level and his need to know every.single.detail. of every.single.story. I GET that. And I can see the writing on the wall. I see it coming. COMPLETE AND TOTAL NEED FOR INDEPENDENCE. Ugh. That was me. It will be him. So all of this was flashing before my eyes. And I was freaking. Because just moments before, literally MOMENTS, he had done this in our instagram #selfie(withmyson)

He seriously still loves me. And needs me. And enjoys being around me. So I had this overwhelming urge to document who he is right now. Today. Because with Brigg, I have always said "This is my FAVORITE age!" And I'm not kidding. Every year has been better with him. I'm hoping once we hit 12, I will be saying the same thing. 

So Brigg. Today. Age 11 yrs 9 months 18 days. 
He is awesome.
So freaking funny. He can tell a story like no other. Life of the party.
He is sarcastic. (don't judge me. we allow it. sarcasm is my love language. i won't apologize for it.)
He love baseball with everything in him. LOVES it. He likes all sports and it quick and natural at almost everything he tries, but baseball is the end all for him. His favorite.
He picks up on things quickly. Quick processor. He 'gets it" and wants to move on. You can see how he drives his 5th grade teachers BONKERS. Like really totally insane. 
You can see how it is difficult for me to discipline him without being a total hypocrite. He is me. In an 11 year old boy body. Not very becoming. (or possibly i am a 36 year old woman's body...also very unbecoming.) 
Either way, I love him so much. Under all that craziness is a huge heart, a sense of humor, a love of life and all things exciting. He takes care of me. He's loyal. He's totally irresponsible and not super dependable. But he is focused and happy and so fun to be around. I can't believe he's mine. And I hope I am not totally messing him up. That would be so sad. I pray that God won't let me destroy him and his heart and his excitement for life.

So here I am. Back from the dead. Hopefully I'll be back soon with some sort of inspiration to get something down on paper. Seriously missed you all. Say hi! Tell me you were here! And that you want me to come back again soon. 
Happy May Day.....


Amy said...

Hi! I love your relationship with Brigg. He's one lucky little guy.

Jennie Peakin said...

Yay! Keep blogging please! And oh my, I love Brigg so much too!!!

Tisha said...

Hi! I missed you! I want you to come back again soon!

Trish said...

So you were gone like 9 mths a baby? Just kidding glad to see you back!

Holly said...

you're baaaaack!!!!!!!!!!