Thursday, May 9, 2013 pictures

 The other day I got home from work and I felt awful. I had been sick for a couple days. The sun was shining and I wanted to move my body, but I couldn't. So I sat there, put my feet up and watched the kids work in the garden. :)
I did that.
And it was heavenly. Spring has arrived! We are debating on the garden this year. It is a TON of work. And I could be busy this summer. I have some possible educational opportunities that would force me to be gone a couple of weeks this summer. Brigg is in traveling baseball and that takes up many of our weekends, so we are debating. To garden or not to garden. Who knows. It's cheap therapy...and heaven knows momma could use some cheap therapy! So maybe.
For Christmas Lisa, Erin and I got Donna a girls night. That was 4 months ago. We came through for her this weekend! SO FUN! We all met in Des Moines, got a hotel room, laughed, ate, laughed, had drinks, laughed, danced a little, laughed, hit up a piano bar, laughed, and some of them slept. (This is when I coughed. and coughed. and coughed. and snored. and coughed....awesome when you are sharing a hotel room with 3 others!) But seriously...look at them.  They are amazing. I love them so much. And count myself blessed beyond measure to have them in my life. They are irreplaceable. Truly. 

Willow. What can I say? Laziest dog alive. I love her.
The other day Ayla was at my parents. Brigg was spending the night at a friend's. Paul, Lani and I were supposed to head over and grill out at mom and dad's. Paul was working in the yard, so Lani and I decided to bike over. Those of you who know...we live out of town on the highway. (see last photo...this is our "street") So we had to ride bikes on the highway. And ride about 8 miles. Lani was GIDDY excited. I think she is going to be my girl who loves biking and hiking and kayaking and exploring. Which is crazy. I would have never thought that about her a few years ago. She is quietly risky. We put on camelbacks and hit the road. It was a blast. I didn't have to slow down once for her. She smiled the whole way. And wanted to ride HOME late that night, but NO WAY. No highway bike riding in the dark. She didn't quite understand that. I see lots of fun times in the future with Lani.
Oh Ayla.  That's all I can say. She goes to kindergarten next year. She had kindergarten visit a couple weeks ago. Little miss sassy pants loved it. I think she is going to do great. She adds spice to our life. What would we do without her?? Life would be boring no doubt. Last weekend I was on a committee that set up the Race for the Schools 5K and 1-mile fun run. Brigg signed up for the 5K and Lani the 1 mile. We were talking about it as we walked out the door to the race and the conversation went like this
Brigg: I'm going to do the 3 miles.
Lani: I'm going to do the 1 mile.
Ayla: (doing a head wobble and finger wag): And I AM doing the NONE run! Have fun guys!
 And Brigg. My boy. My "baby". Only...he's not a baby. He went to a dance. He smelled of Axe. Sigh. He is going to be 12. And I am going to cry. I love this age. But you know that. Maybe it's not the age as much as the young man he's turning into.
Lani is playing softball this year. I'm sorry, but she is badass. I'm claiming she gets it from me. Because I believe if Paul or Brigg ended up with a bruise like this, there would have been tears along the way. :) But not with Lani. Nope. She's tough. She had been hit with the ball 3 times this season already. And she keep coming back for more. (But this may be her last softball season ever. shhh...fine by me!)
The is the highway to heaven we take into town. I was heading into town earlier this week to take Ayla to daycare and this was my view. I grabbed my phone and snapped this photo through my front window. Gorgeous. And a reminder that God is awesome. HUGE. And he must love me to death. Even through my sin and faults and frustrations...He loves me. So thankful.

(I love being back!! Did I mention I missed you guys??)


Tisha said...

I love you being back too...

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so so happy you are blogging.