Saturday, January 28, 2012


it's a green chili kind of day.
pinned this several weeks ago and decided to make it today.
we have been doing a "cleanse" of sorts.
no meat during the week at all.
so we are really looking forward to this tonight...

all of our bathroom parts came in and got picked up yesterday.
everything is sitting here.
in my living room.
waiting to be installed.
my painting professional lady is delivering our buffet/vanity tomorrow.
i'm not kidding.
i am IN LOVE with it!
paul is in the garage right now painting the outside of the claw foot tub.
plumber coming tuesday.
mudder/texturizer coming next weekend.
FINALLY it feels like we may get this room finished.
can't wait to share photos!

we decided to start leasing a horse for lani.
basically she can go ride now anytime she likes.
she is also going to join the clover kids.
she is SO excited. i really never thought i'd have a child who was in 4-H. it was never on my radar as a child. but this fits lani perfectly. and to see her with her horse is so awesome. i'm so happy we have found her niche. so excited for her.

happy weekend to all. happy happy weekend.

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