Friday, January 27, 2012

(and mother. and teacher.)

Finding this to be so true on my parenting/teaching journey. Especially with Ayla.
She watches.
I have actually seen her reenacting things that I do in front of her.
Kind of freaks me out.
Been thinking a lot about "Less words. More Action."
In the past I have been big on words. Lots of words.
But now I'm seeing how those words mean nothing if not backed up by actions.
5th graders.
They are watching. And taking notes. I think the words mean so much when backed up by the actions.
So my thought for the day and mission statement for this year.
Less words. More Action.


Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

Well put!

Anonymous said...

It's so true! I'm inspired to do better instead of explaining why they should.