Thursday, September 15, 2011

some fun stuff!

another week is coming to an end.
it has gone SO fast.
it's been a fairly emotional week for me.
lots going on.
but there are some fun things happening!
first of all, i have learned that when my students all finally grasp a concept, it is beyond exciting for me.
i graded a quiz last night and they all did awesome.
i was smiling from ear to ear.
i wanted to walk in a squeeeeeze them all today!
i couldn't wait to hand them out.
and they did not disappoint.
lots of fist-pumping and high-fiving.
it was exciting.
i love it.
love it.

the other day we were doing our silent reading time.
i quick snapped a picture of three of the kids in my book nook.
it look exactly the way i intended it to. it.
i had enya playing in the background and it was so peaceful.
it's the little things.

and today!
first of all, i need to share BIG news for Washington School.
today there was an official announcement made that Washington was named a blue ribbon school.
it's a gigantic honor.
and makes me even more proud to be a part of this team.
it's been a long time coming and so much hard work has gone into it.
those teachers/administrators/support staff truly deserve it.
i believe that from the bottom of my heart.

and finally, this is so fun.
did you know that i work with some old classmates?
(no emphasis on OLD...cuz we are totally young.)
but it's so great!
one of them is my mentor.
we meet once a week.
she will be my mentor for two years!
that is so exciting to me!
and how cool that i have known her for like 20 years! :)
(yes...i just said "cool". maybe i AM old!)
to today 2 of my old classmates and now current co-workers came into my room to teach a smart board lesson.
i have never used one.
i want to use one.
linda and sonia are pros at using one.
so it just made sense!
and look...

the kids were completely enthralled.
i love it!
i was snapping photos.
and just felt giddy!
i LOVE this technology!
can't wait to learn more about it.
it just changes the whole face of education.
man...i am beyond excited to be jumping into the water during this time.
i cannot wait to see the kinds of things i will have access to in the future.
but first i need to figure out this smart board.
because it is seriously smarter than me.

that's all i got for today.
heading to bed.
anxious for friday but thankful for today.
just the way it should be.
happy weekend!!


Candi said...

Sounds like things are falling in place a bit AND to have successful test scores... what a great sense of accomplishment! PROUD of them... AND YOU!!!!!

Amy said...

I finally got my Smartboard hooked up and learned how to do a couple things. I'm going to get brave and try it with the kids next week! Fingers crossed!!

Marsha said...

I am blessed to have a smartboard hanging on the wall in my classroom, love it, use it all day long, have intergrated into the curriculum, love it, don't be scared it is just a touch screen computer...and you can do smartboard lessons without the actual just have the kids manipulate from the computer rather than the smartboard....