Wednesday, September 14, 2011

dear family and friends...

don't give up on me!
i heard a rumor that this teaching thing gets a little easier down the road.
so i'm hopeful that i will be back soon.
i'm begging you...please don't give up on me!
i know i suck right now, but i will be better soon.
i promise.
miss and love you,


Beckysblog said...

we forgive you. We understand!
And we are proud of you!

Sarah Guild said...

Teaching definitely gets easier. Incrementally. And, it is so worth it. Reading your blog this summer/fall has reminded me of so much that I love about teaching. Now, my room had no curtains and it was not cute, but I did love dropping things off the school building and having paper airplane contests and most of all: knowing all of the students.