Monday, September 5, 2011

{not really} apple picking 2011

our crew this year...

we had a small group this year.
it's fun either way.
2 years ago we had nearly everyone on both sides there.
this year just the 10 of willow.
it's fun no.matter.what.

but this year, we had a problem.
early apple picking trip + really dry summer = no picking apples on our annual apple picking trip.
i'm not even kidding.
the apples weren't ready.
so our favorite orchard wasn't open.
and won't be open until the 10th.
so no apples.
but we knew it before we got on the road on friday and we decided the 3 day weekend still made the trip worth it.
we have some local apple orchards that we can hit in a few weeks.
and it really was nice to just hang out all weekend at the amazing house we have gotten to use the past 3 years.
hot tub.
4 wheelers.
huge fire pit.
giant windows in a beautiful setting.
a creek.
2 kayaks.
serious fun.

we laughed until our faces hurt.
we stayed up LATE and sat in the hot tub for hours.
we ate and ate and ate.
we drank baileys in our coffee in the morning. :)
a vaction indeed.

and on the way out of town we stopped at an orchard (that WASNT pick-your-own) and bought apple cider and cheese curds.
more photos to come.
another amazing weekend.
kind of makes reality stink though. :)

back at it tomorrow.
ayla starts preschool in the morning.
she is excited.
i am teary.
kids start back to piano lessons tomorrow afternoon.
we are getting into our groove, i think.
and our reality really is pretty awesome, too.
always an adventure...
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Candi said...

Great looking group! Glad you managed to have a blast in spite of the smaller group! Now, get some sleep!! :0 Off to bed myself...