Monday, November 14, 2011

The American Girl Store

my american girl place post! :)
so we went to the store after a long night before and a train ride to chicago and we had already walked all over the city with no stroller so ayla was tired.
and this place was insane.
totally crazy busy.

it was loud and overstimulating for me.
but we had been planning this and we also had reservations for "tea" at 4:00.
so we ventured in and someone must have seen the overwhelmed look on our faces.
she was like a personal shopper.
for real.
she just walked around with us and helped us find what we were looking for.
she was nice.
but paul and i kept looking at eachother and kind of giggling.

because really, i don't think paul and i are American Girl people.
we know so many people who love going here.
so i really hate to say anything negative.
BUT we did not love it.
although we DO love ayla.
and she had been dreaming of an american girl doll for a long time.

4:00 came and we went to "tea".
a loud bell rang and everyone that was sitting outside got to go in and be seated.
they had highchairs for the little girls' dolls.
and little tea cups and plates for the dolls.

and finger food.
little sandwiches and some mini scones and some fruit.
paul had decided he didn't want to eat any of the food, but he still had to pay a $10 "sitting fee".
appparently to just BE in the room.
oh my.
did i mention we are not american girl people?
also...did i mention that we could not stop looking at eachother wide-eyed and laughing?
ok good.

so the moment we gave ayla her doll made it all worth it.
she was so cute.
and so happy.
and i think paul's 2 hours of torture turned into a smile. :)
i'm so glad we went.
i'm so glad she loves her doll.
but i'm pretty sure we'll never go again.
i LOVE chicago.
but i'm thinking we'll stay away from this store in the future.
we'll stick with checking out marilyn's panties. :)
and i won't give a "formal" review.
because honestly, i know LOTS of people who love going here. I hadn't heard one person that shared my distaste, so take what i say with a grain of salt. you should check it out yourself.
you may be pleasantly surprised.
happy birthday ayla. we really really love you.
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Holly said...

ok. my girls (uh hem...and me ;-) are American Girl 'people' but dude...we HATE the store too.

it's always like that.


we just get the dolls online, love the books, totally love the movies and get the grandma's to make the clothes...but the way hose! agreed.

Beckysblog said...

Completely share your distaste. And you and Jordan finally have something to agree on! He loathes that place....and the dolls. Shhhh.

Tisha said...

Love the books. Pretty sure I would HATE the store too! We don't even have one of the dolls.
I thoroughly enjoyed your non formal review. ;-)

Courtney said...

you're not alone, apparently! :-)

we just got a store here. in the last year or so. hate it.

Daren said...

Cassie, I feel your pain. Shelby, like Ayla, absolutely LOVES American Girl dolls, and the store. I was totally overwhelmed. Trish did a lot better, but I was ready to go just about the time we got inside. The look on her face when she got her doll.....priceless!!!