Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2013 iPhone DUMPITY dump dump...part 2

Lani decided to join swim team this year.
It is a big commitment.
But she has done awesome.
And we are so proud of her....
 And Ayla turned 6!
Yay for the donut cake!
 I love love love them.
 Sunday morning worship.

 Me: "Ayla, stay out of the mud! You probably ruined your boots!"
Ayla: "Nah...but I might have ruined my hands."
 More inspiration for our chalkboard at home.
Lani said this is her favorite one yet.
I agree.  It ranks right up there...
 FINALLY got to meet the fabulous Becky Straw!
While raising money for The Adventure Project.
So fun!
 Basketball started for Brigg.
He's pretty sure he'll be able to slam dunk by the end of the season.
Who am I to discourage him from trying?
 Willow love.
 Lani's first swim meet!!!
 Willow takes what she can get...
 Brigg getting in touch with his feminine side.
While cooking bacon in a pink apron.
I love it.
Another sky pic...
 And more inspiration for you.
And me.
 My morning hair scares her
I don't blame her.
 We got a Christmas tree.
It took everyone to get it down.
 and they were proud of their accomplishment!

Whatever she can get...
 Is that Justin Timberlake?
No...it's Lani.
Eye exams.
 Chillin' by the tree...
Nana's birthday!
 Be still my heart.
She's so incredibly sweet in pictures.
In a red velvet dress.
In front of a christmas tree.
 Winter break.
We did a lot of this...
 christmas eve.
Apple pie in a cup.
 the girls...
 They all got coal in their stockings.
We love The Adventure Project!!
 Matching shirts.
Brigg was so happy. :)
 The one and only picture I have documenting me. In the hospital.
Waiting to repair my herniated disc.
There was immediate relief and I should have done it 3 months earlier.
It hijacked my life for much too long!
 I asked the kids to clean off the camera on the back of my car.
Then I put it in reverse so I could se them do it.
It was hysterical.
 My parents.
Just loved this picture.
 I can totally see her snowboarding in the near future.
She's good.
 I had a birthday.
We won't discuss my age.
It doesn't matter.

 Ayla was supposed to be sleeping.
I was just popping in her room to check on her before heading to bed.
Handstand push ups anyone?
 I didn't make any New Years Resolutions.
But instead I'm going to live this...
 I love him.
I think I mentioned that.
 This is what I get to see everyday at 3:25.
It's my favorite.
 More swimming...
 She discovered there is a city named Lani.
She wants to live there.
I'm not arguing.
 I seriously cannot even get ready in peace and quiet.
Or alone.
I am never every alone.
 Do you see what I'm saying??
Always attached to my hip.
You don't read about Hierarchy Models in your free time?
Well than you have no idea what you are missing.
Good stuff.
There you have it.
My life in pictures.
Lots and lots of pictures.
If you made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS.
you are a true friend.
And I appreciate you!
Hopefully back soon...

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